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Hidden dangers are hard to detect and are most times invisible to the naked eye or concealed behind walls, inside vents, or under the floorboards. Direct Home Inspections include a structural assessment, mechanical inspection of appliances, safety hazard assessment, and a whole-house walkthrough. Let Direct Home Inspections do the hard work.


A thorough visual structural inspection of the all facets of the home; the foundation, rough framing and trusses will show any issues that need to be addressed.


A mechanical inspection includes inspecting all of the essential appliances in the home – Heating/cooling, plumbing, electrical, and gas.


Safety is very important to Direct Home Inspections – regardless of the year the house was built, DHI inspect and make recommendations of equipment and other recommendations that could be done to improve the overall safety of the house.


Direct home inspections will do a walkthrough introducing the house to you and make service recommendations. Furnace filters are something that are overlooked by many.

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The Benefits of Direct Home Inspections

  1. Get same-day results sent directly to your email.
  2. Book as soon as 1-2 days in advance.
  3. Infrared cameras used on every inspection, no matter the size.
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